Benefits of Whole, Raw Fruit

What can Fruit do for you? 

There's a reason all physicians recommend you eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruits. Quite a few reasons, actually. The following are a few things you'll consume when eating a piece of your favorite type of fruit:

Fiber (helps maintain gastrointestinal regularity and reduces the risk of heart disease)
Folate (helps reduce a pregnant woman's risk for giving birth to a child with defects in the brain or spinal cord)
Potassium (helps your body maintain a healthy blood pressure)
Vitamin A (helps your body fight off infections and maintain healthy eyes and skin)
Vitamin C (helps your teeth stay healthy and assists your body in the healing process when you experience a cut or wound)
In order to get plenty of these important nutrients, you'll need to slide some fruit into your diet every day.

Fortunately, adding fruit to your meals is an easy thing. All you have to do is drown some grapes in yogurt for breakfast, eat a banana as a side item during lunch, and go for a fruit salad at dinner!

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