Fitness Pros 1-on-1 with Battle Creek’s #1 Personal Trainer!

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The ultimate in personalized fitness. Work with our personal trainers 1, 2, or 3 days per week to achieve your personal fitness goals! YOUR Goals, YOUR Results!


If this sounds like you:

  • Struggled to achieve fitness results
  • Very Frustrated
  • Nothing works
  • You’ve tried everything!

You’re in the Right Place!  Your Trainer will design a plan for YOU and YOU only. Personal Training is just that – Personal: It’s all about YOU!

Services Included for Fitness Pros 1-on-1 Personal Training: 

  • Total Fitness evaluation and Solution
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Copy of Troy Huggett’s Fitness Pros Nutrition for the 21st Century – AC/DC meal plan
  • Personal Training session in our exclusive 1-on-1 private training facility
  • Private Cardio training area
  • Monthly Personal Fitness Index Assessment
  • Re-evaluation and measurements every 90 days
  • 100% Guaranteed results!
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Specialized Personal Training Programs

Metabolic Reboot

  • Unexplainable weight gain of 7+ pounds in the last year??
  • Fatigued, even after a long sleep??
  • Can’t fall asleep??
  • Brain fog??
  • NO Energy??
  • Just don’t feel well??

You could be suffering from R.E.M.A.S.S.
***It’s time to REBOOT and Kick R.E.M.A.S.S. to the curb and get your health back!

Body By Science

The best of science applied to fitness = Reduced Training Time & Exploding Results! 
12 min workout/1x/wk = GUARANTEED RESULTS!
The “too good to be true” program that is actually GUARANTEED!


2 Weeks to a Tighter Tummy


Just six (6) workouts, avg. 10 min workout time –


Avg 2 week results:

  • 2 1/2 inches off the waist
  • 6 pounds of fat lost!
tighter tummy
Janets Review

"I started with Fitness Pros in October 2017 and have been amazed at the results. Inches have faded from my body, and I'm into smaller clothes. Upper body and leg strength have improved a lot. I can even pull myself onto a horse now! And my legs look a lot leaner."

Janet Murphy

Don Marx

"In the short time I've been at this I have lost 36 lbs in six weeks following your calorie count diet and exercise program. My cholesterol level has dropped to 135 and my energy level has increased. I've been more active playing with my children, going on bike rides, and swimming in the pool. People who haven't seen me in a while have commented that something looks different about me and that I look 10 YEARS YOUNGER!! This has been great and I truly appreciate all the help and advice you have given me and bringing me back to my old self!"

Don Marx