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2023 New Years & Troy's Birthday Specials

Don't delay - these deals are gone on January 1 at 11:59 PM

  • Less Time - Greater Results

  • BioHack your way to Health, Wellness, Fitness

  • Work Smarter - Not - Harder

DEALS END - JANUARY 1, 2023 at 11:59 PM

Group Fitness - Fit Express

Fit Pro Express Group Fitness Class 

Only 23 mins and only $20.23 for the whole month of January

Get Fit Fast and have fun!


*This is for new members only



Troy Huggett Fitness Pros Order Form
Quantity Description Price
$20.23 Fit Pro Express Group Fit$20.23

Transform Now

Troy's 55th Birthday Special to you is $550 off of the famous

'Transform Now' program.

Reverse Chronic Disease, Inflammation, gut issues and reshape your body in just 4-weeks 



Click for more details on how you can receive your present: 


TRANSFORMNOW - Troy's Birthday Gift to you


Here's the long URL if the link doesn't work:

Body by Science

The “too good to be true” program that is actually GUARANTEED!


The best of science applied to Fitness = Reduced Training Time & Exploding Results! 


12 min workout/1x/wk = GUARANTEED RESULTS!
Click the link below for more details:


The shortest, most effective workout available


Here's the long URL if the link above doesn't work:









Troy's 55th Birthday special saves you 55% off the regular $299 price


Troy Huggett Fitness Pros Order Form
Quantity Description Price
55% off BEMER - Troy's Birthday Present$135.00
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