Cheat Day!

SOMETIMES you just have to have a break from the strictness - Is it OK to use a cheat day? 

It’s OK to Cheat! 

Does the thought of eating healthy everyday make your head spin?

Establish a weekly "Cheat Day" where you allow yourself a taste of all your favorite indulgences.

It's OK to cheat once a week – just indulge with control, and stick with your clean eating habits on all other days. Remember, your cheat day is not a license to eat as much of good or bad foods as you possibly can, it’s permission to eat items off of your plan - but controlled portions. 

  • I recommend you incorporate a cheat day only after you’ve stuck with your eating program and allowed your body to heal and get the metabolism back at the top of it’s game. Get your health right and then add a controlled cheat day! 

Get Strong - Stay Fit!





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