Diet: What’s The Best One?

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I don’t know if any topic has more self-proclaimed experts and gurus than nutrition.  Everybody has an opinion and the research continues to pile up.  I get asked at least 30 times a week what is the best diet composition.  My answer is always the same:  BALANCE.


Those asking the questions are always disappointed.  They were hoping to hear that if they ate this special food, or that combination, the weight would just fall off.  Sorry!   For over 30 years, I’ve been preaching a balanced diet, etc.  I know you’re saying:  “but I lost 30 pounds on the grapefruit diet, or the cabbage soup diet, etc.”


What about high protein diets, or high carbohydrate diets, or low fat diets?


I’m sure the guru’s promotion of these varied programs is sincere, but how can every one be the best when they are at the end of opposite extremes?  They can’t!  And, who wants to eat like that forever, anyway?  Not me!


Finally, many additional research studies over the years back up my long-standing claim.  Study after study in many peer reviewed research articles come to the same conclusion: ‘energy balance (energy intake-calories) versus energy expenditure (metabolism and exercise) still appears to be the most important factor in weight loss.’ 


My clients don’t do weird exotic diets.  Instead, they eat normal food, and exercise.  Over the past 30 years, they’ve seen the best results by adhering to a diet consisting of  50-60 percent carbohydrates, 20-30 percent fats, and 20 percent protein in conjunction with a three day per week strength training program.  


I still see this approach work for 90% of my clients, however my personal research over the last 3 years has determined that while balanced calorie control is extremely effective for long-term, sustained weight loss and management, there is a growing number of people who DON’T respond to this approach! When a person has diligently followed an appropriate balanced diet and exercise program, yet fails to see positive progress…..this is the time to reassess and determine if a different nutrition and exercise approach may offer the key to progress. 


If you’ve gained 7 or more pounds over the last 12 months with no logical explanation – you’ve been diligent in your meal planning and exercise routine and still gained – this is the time to contact an experienced professional in the fitness field. 


Contact me at: to ask questions, get answers, let me know what you’d like to discuss! A lot of amazing things are happening as we learn more daily and it’s my goal to bring it to you in a no nonsense approach that makes you think and gives you the info to make the best decisions for you health!!! 



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