Don’t Quit Starting Again!

Does this sound familiar? 


The weather is nasty, it’s too cold, too hot, too wet, too dry, etc; the job is requiring more of your time; or, the family is requiring more time…..and the list goes on and on.


The idea of sticking with an exercise program can be tough and it is easy to justify avoiding exercise because you are too busy! Your walking program went from six days to 3-4, to 2-3, and now to ZERO.  You want to start again, but you’re frustrated because you keep quitting and you feel like a failure.


Who wants that?


Not you, and not me, either.  That’s why you must change your mindset.  Don’t think about how awful you are for quitting last  month.  Instead, think about how awesome you are for starting today.  Praise yourself and get back in your fitness regimen.  


Here are some simple things that will help you incorporate exercise into your busy schedule:  


 *Walk during lunch and/or after dinner; 

*Take the stairs; 

*Park further away at stores and work; 

*Make exercise a family affair; 

*Exercise while watching television; 

*Incorporate the 15-minute weight training workout continually recommended here; 

*Make exercise a priority.


Research continually confirms that great lengths of time aren’t required to reap the benefits of exercise.  As little as 15-30 minutes per day, three days per week, is all it takes.  This can easily be achieved by exercising during commercials of your favorite TV shows.  


Just don’t convince yourself you can’t do it.  Get up, move, and never quit starting again!


NOW is always the best time to start, but now really is.  Soon the holidays will be here, encouraging you to eat excessively.  Prevent holiday weight gain.  Begin exercising now!



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