Double Progression – ‘A’ Secret To Weight Training Progress!

Double Progression – ‘A’ Secret to weight training progress! 


How do you know when to progress in your weight training program?  


This is a great question.  Many times, people find a program they enjoy, a number of reps and sets that are comfortable, and they just continue without adjustment.  I know few of us like change, but this thought process and attitude are rife with many issues, two of which are discussed below:  


First, boredom can easily set in and this usually leads to quitting exercise. Don’t EVER quit training! This is a lifestyle, lifetime approach to wellness, health and overall fitness. 


Second, after a short time, you’ll reach a plateau and your results will stop.  When your results stop, most people stop exercising and nothing good comes out of this approach. 


Instead, follow the simple “Double Progression” method I’ve been using with my clients for the past 11 years.  During each and every workout, strive to increase the number of reps, the amount of weight, or both.  (NEVER SACRIFICE FORM TO PERFORM ANOTHER REP – this is a sure way to injure yourself).  


You must continue to look for ways to make your program more difficult, not easier, if you want to reap “Maximum Results in Minimum Time!”


Contact me at: to ask questions, get answers, let me know what you’d like to discuss! A lot of amazing things are happening as we learn more daily and it’s my goal to bring it to you in a no nonsense approach that makes you think and gives you the info to make the best decisions for you health!!! 



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