Eat It Smaller!

Balanced portion sizes - less portions - at each meal :) 

Here's an easy way to lose fat and slim down: Eat smaller!

Weight loss really is all about CALORIES and when you pile on the calories at a meal - fat is stored. When you cut back and use commonsense portion control - you will lose weight!

Rather than eating a light breakfast and a large dinner, or eating your biggest meal early in the day and your lightest meal for dinner, try to reduce each meal and spread the meals out over the day.

This is by far the easiest way to modify your meals and make it a lifestyle instead of just another diet. Eat the foods you like, control the portions, eat 5-7 mini-meals spread out over the day.

If you are tired of the complicated diet rollercoaster, call me for your consultation and let's get you back to basic and on your way to amazing success.

Get Strong - Stay Fit!




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