Instant Accountability!!!

Motivation to succeed beyond your belief. 

Do you have a weight loss goal that you're working toward? 

There are two schools of thought on what you should do related to telling ppl about your goal. 

School #1 - “Don’t tell anyone except those within your inner-circle, those that will be fully supportive of your pursuit of betterment!’ 

As the thinking in this school goes - ppl will secretly or not so secretly do things to sabotage you, especially if you are shooting for a goal that they also may desire to achieve.

School #2 - Tell everyone, put it out there through every avenue possible, ie. “Post it on Facebook, and get instant accountability from friends and family.”

If you decide to go route #2 - Be specific with your post. Include the exact amount that you aim to lose and the date that you'll lose it by. You may be surprised how encouraging and supportive your friends will be - it may be exactly the motivating boost that you need to achieve your goal!

It’s been my experience that the decision of which school to join is solely on the back of the individual. School #1 is true in many ppl’s worlds, while others need the potential humiliation of failure to motivate themselves. 

The answer lies within you, what is more important to you - quiet support without a lot of fanfare or are you one motivated by letting the world know and they will hold you accountable.

I’m here for you if you need additional guidance, just call 269-967-6300, email or click here for your immediate access to your TRANSFORMNOW transformation!

Get Strong - Stay Fit!



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