It really is just a Number....

The scale is JUST A NUMBER - don't let it be the focus of your health, wellness, and fitness plans. Learn what really is important - Body Fat!  - for your health. 

It really is JUST a NUMBER!

We spend so much time worrying about getting the number on the scale to drop that it's easy to get discouraged when your weight loss slows for a time. When you workout hard and eat right your body gains muscle while losing fat-this isn't shown by the number on the scale. It's shown by inches lost, in the way your clothes fit better than ever, and in how you look and feel amazing.

One of my favorite questions to a client or potential client who is focused soley on the scale is "If you weighed 300 lbs but had the body you desired, fit comfortably into the clothes you've always wanted to wear, and had the health and fitness you'd always wanted, would you care what you weighed?" This makes them think and I usually get a response something like, well I don't want to weigh 300 lbs - and I say, but who would ask if you had all the things you were looking for? 

If you’d like to focus on what really is important - Body Fat - give me a call (269-967-6300) for an in person or video consultation or click here to save 68% of my online Transform Program -

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