It's Anyone's Game - Even yours!

Don't be held back by limiting beliefs! Turn things around now, shed fat, reduce / eliminate medications in consultation with your doctor and feel AMAZING!!! 

When was the last time that you accomplished something huge?

That's an easy question for my client Suzie.

Last month Suzie wowed her circle of influence with her dramatic transformation through my Core-Spinal Fitness program. At 48 years of age she is at the age where she is beginning to see some weight loss struggles and she has to make a decision regarding which path she is going to take. She had tried ‘every’ diet, with no success. She told me my program was a ‘last’ resort, if it didn’t work she was prepared to throw in the towel and just get fatter and fatter. INSTEAD, she took control of her health, reduced her body weight and body fat by incredible numbers, while even more importantly she’s transformed her sleep, actually sleeping through the whole night and waking up rested. She truly looks forward to enjoying all the great adventures she will experience each day and all the fun people she will meet!

I'd call a transformation like that a huge accomplishment - wouldn't you?

The crazy part is that Suzie was clearly the underdog. She was simply too old and too fat to win. At least that was what others told her.

And that's what Suzie thought too.

"I never believed in myself in the beginning," she admits. However when a doctor told her that she was living in the body of a 60 year old woman, Suzie got serious. 

"I'm tired of doubting myself," she decided and something inside of her head clicked into place. "The minute I started doing that, things changed for me."

And, oh, how she changed.

Suzie buckled down and made regaining her health her only focus. Her hard work paid off, giving her freedom from multiple medications (with her Doctors management and direction), increasing her energy and zest for life! 

She accomplished something huge and now her life is vastly improved. "I feel so good! I feel like I can do anything," she told friends, family, and the Fitness Pros / BioHackers Wellness staff, with a huge smile. 

Suzie also had a message for you. "If I can do it, you can do it."

I have to agree with her.

If a 48 year old, suffering with Metabolic Syndrome (Syndrome X), Thyroid issues, Elevated Blood Sugar (Diabetes), lack of energy and excess FAT can shave multiple clothes sizes, regain the youth and vigor she had in her 20’s, and work with her Dr. to eliminate / reduce several medications, then anyone really can do it. Think for a moment of that huge accomplishment that you haven't made. Maybe it's a weight loss goal that you've had for years. Maybe it's something completely unrelated to your weight. 

What's holding you back? 

Are you afraid you'll fail? 

The fear of failure is a powerful thing. No one likes to fail, and repeat failure is even worse. So what can you do to conquer it?

Realize that failure isn't the worst outcome. Not trying is.
You only fail when you decide to give up. Get up and try again!


Are you afraid you'll succeed?

You may not realize it, but most people fear success. Success means change and change can be scary. It is important that you embrace the idea of success and ditch any negative self talk.

Close your eyes and picture yourself accomplishing your goal. What will that accomplishment do for your life? List the benefits you'll enjoy.
Spend a few minutes each day visualizing yourself accomplishing your goal. How great does it feel? Savor those victorious emotions and use them to drive your motivation.
Suzie didn't believe in herself, until one day she decided that she was done doubting. 

Are you done doubting?

When you're ready to transform your body, like Suzie did, I'm here to help. Is NOW a good time? Call or click, and let's get started on a program that will really improve your life. 

It's your turn to accomplish something huge.

Get Strong - Stay Fit! 


Core - Spinal Fitness - come along for the most amazing change you couldn't have even imagined!




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