Know your Why!

It really is all about your Why! know your Why and make it happen! 


Many years ago a commercial promoted “Set it & Forget it” The same applies to your fitness goals/boundaries! Three steps will be critical to find your confidence and achieve your goals: 

Know your WHY - 
BEFORE you can set it - you must know the Why, the real reason for wanting to achieve the goal. What is the burning reason for this goal. The Why will keep you driving forward to achieve the goal even when you run into obstacles.  
Wright it down - 
An unwritten goal is really only a wish! If you’re only wishing, your chances of achieving your Why will be as good as ‘Wishy - Washy’ 
Focus on the written goal - 
Once you know your Why, have it written down now it’s time to put it in your mind solidly - focus on what your Why! 


Now it’s time to return to the old commercial and apply it to your fitness goal - Set it & Forget it! 

If you ever wished that you had more confidence, Set it & Forget it! People who set fitness boundaries report experiencing a boost of confidence. Think about it: when you set a higher standard for yourself confidence grows naturally. As you lose weight and feel better than ever your confidence will sky rocket.

If you need some help solidifying your goals, your Why, and building your confidence….give me a call 269-967-6300, email: or go to my online program you can do from any place in the world

Get Strong - Stay Fit! 



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