Re-Think your holiday gifts!

Skip the candy - buy fruit and other fun presents instead of candy, cookie, pies, cakes, etc. Have fun without breaking the diet! 

A lot of ‘present’ getting events are right around the corner – have you thought about what to get your special someone for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines? This year consider an arrangement of exotic fruit or gourmet dried fruit in lieu of the expected box of chocolates. Fruit is nature's candy – sweet and packed with antioxidants. Your special someone will feel the love, and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Have fun without breaking your diet with fun foods that inevitably create a situation (more fat, not feeling well, etc) that makes you say - it really wasn’t worth it! So this year avoid putting yourself in that situation and get something fun, healthy, and exciting! 

Get Strong - Stay Fit!


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