REHIT turns cardio training on it's head

REHIT relies on just 2x20-second sprints to create the most potent training stimulus. To achieve this, you must reach your personal maximum intensity levels by:


*Applying your optimal resistance - hitting your sweet spot
*At the right time - just after accelerating to maximum pedal speed at low resistance
*In a fraction of a second - instantly going from very low to very high


Most REHIT research has been conducted on special scientific exercise bikes. However, such equipment is very expensive and has to be operated by a lab technician. CAROL Bike is the first and only bike that makes REHIT for home users easy and affordable. *Use Code FitnessPros to save BIG

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Total Cardio Conditioning in 10-15 mins per week! That's right - quit wasting hours in the gym! Give me 5 mins per day, 2-3x/wk and get the results of 3 hours of cardio training per week. The question is do you want results in more or less time. 

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5 mins = 45 mins 

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