Michole Review

Michole Leither


“I am a working mom and this program fits perfectly for my life. I consider this training part of my routine and look forward to it every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.”


Lisa Leatherman


“The Fitness Pros theme of “MAXIMUM RESULTS in Minimum Time” is positively true.”


Katherine Sander


“I love going to Fitness Pros because it is A LOT of fun and POSITIVE, not to mention EFFECTIVE!”


Janet Murphy


“Inches have faded from my body, and I’m into smaller clothes.”


Patricia W.


“The atmosphere is FUN, POSITIVE and EDUCATIONAL. We are challenged to work hard to achieve & maintain results & a healthy lifestyle.”


Susan Miller


“Troy won’t let me give up and he is constantly working on ways to help me achieve my goals and even help me find new goals I didn’t even know I could achieve.”


Chris Childers


“I have been working out at Fitness Pros for a few years. Troy’s fitness philosophy has made me physically stronger and I’ve lost weight.”




“During individual training, Troy worked one-on-one with me to show the correct way to get in shape and make the most of the workouts.”


Edie Alt


“WOW! I’m totally impressed and so glad I stopped into Troy’s studio just to “check it out!”


Chuck Merwin


“This program worked for me and I am sure it will work for many others that give it a chance.”

Heather Letters

Heather Letters


“Not only did I lose inches, but I also lost 9 lbs during the four-week program.”


Leslie Robey


“I look forward to my classes every week.”


Clare Watson


“It works better than anything I’ve ever tried and it’s a lifestyle change I can live with.”


Bill & Tammy


“The best part is doing this together – it makes it so much easier to stick to the plan!!”


Lisa McCulley


Three years later, I still love it and I don’t worry about being weak anymore and an added bonus, my clothes fit better!”


Don Marx


“In the short time I’ve been at this I have lost 36 lbs in six weeks following your calorie count diet and exercise program.”


Donna Jaeger


“I have better balance, less inches, and less weight, and most importantly, working out has become more fun.”


Bonnie Rennecker


“If you’re serious about toning the abs, strengthening the core, tightening the tush and trimming the thighs – commit to the THFP 2 wks to a tighter tummy program – it WORKS!”


Marty Stilwell


“You couldn’t ask for a better motivator than Troy!”